Taylor Lautner Pictures: Interview Magazine Scans Aug 2009 Issue

Taylor Lautner is featured in the latest issue of Interview Magazine for August 2009. We've already seen his LA behind-the-scenes photo shoot and the pics released on interviewmagazine.com.

Now we have nice big pictures of Taylor from the magazine itself. Interview is an over-sized mag, so it was a pain in the butt because I could only scan in 1/2 of each photo. Then I needed to piece them together in Photoshop. *phew*

Enjoy these high-quality Taylor Lautner pictures in the Interview Magazine August 2009 gallery.



LMAO!!! the interviewer accidentally calls Bella Swan, 'Bella Snow'!!! FAAAIIL!!!!

hhahahh! I've actually seen that Bella Snow type mistake in a few publications here and there. These writers need to get their facts straight!

Hey, where can I buy this magazine?! I tried borders already... =(

yes where?? i want to buy it.

I bought it at Barnes & Noble...It's really hard to find when it's mixed in with all the other magazines. I can't remember what category it's placed in. Just ask someone at the info desk to show you.