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Gorgeous Taylor Lautner Men's Health Magazine Outtakes

Taylor Lautner graced the cover of Men's Health Magazine's December 2009 issue. Enjoy these outtake pictures from his photo shoot with Anthony Mandler.

Full-size pictures and magazine scans in the gallery.

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Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift Go For a Ride

Taylor Lautner and rumored girlfriend Taylor Swift were spotted together on the "Valentine's Day" set on December 3, 2009. Swift sits shotgun in a sleek charcoal Porsche with red leather interior.

Taylor has been driving some sweet rides lately! Just a few weeks ago he's been seen around town driving a white Audi R8 and now a Porche? NICE!

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Pictures of Taylor's Audi R8

Pictures of Taylor Squared

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Taylor Lautner the Next Super Hero Max Steel?

I knew it!!! I had a big hunch that Taylor Lautner was in talks to star in an action super hero movie!!! I never wrote about it, just in case I was completely wrong and I didn't want to start any rumors.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Taylor and his reps at representatives at WME and Management 360 are looking for his next big project to follow Gary Marshall's "Valentine's Day."

Lautner would play Josh McGrath, a 19-year-old extreme-sports athlete who is accidentally exposed to the unleashed power of nanotechological machines, which become part of him and (in the old show, at least) give him increased strength, near-invulnerability and the ability to change his appearance.

"Steel" was a Mattel line back in 2001 that raked in $100 million worldwide and spawned an animated series that lasted three season.

You might be wondering how I knew something like this was going to happen. Well, here's how I came to my conclusion.Read more

Max Steel 01

Taylor Lautner J-14 Magazine Scans January 2010

The latest issue of J-14 Magazine claims that Taylor Lautner has the best body and the #1 biceps in Hollywood. We definitely wouldn't argue with that! They also dish on his rumored relationship with Taylor Swift.

Neither Taylor has confirmed their official status, but being friends first is a step in the right direction! "I never want to be in a relationship that I'm not completely 100 percent in," Taylor S. says.

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Taylor Lautner "New Moon" Press Conference Munich

Taylor Lautner was in Munich, Germany to attend a "New Moon" fan event and press conference on November 14, 2009. In this clip, Taylor explains how his life changed after Twilight.

Thanks, Selina!Read more

Video New Moon Press Conference Munich

Taylor Lautner J-14 Magazine Scans December 2009

Taylor Lautner is featured in the latest issue of J-14 Magazine for December 2009.

There's an article titled "Searching for the Right Girl" which claims that Taylor is "always the BFF and never the BF! Why Taylor never gets the girl." Oh PUH-LEEZE! I really doubt he has a problem getting girls. There are at least 17263545636 girls here who would want him as a boyfriend. Am I right?

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16 Taylor Lautner USA Today Photo Shoot Outtakes

Enjoy these Taylor Lautner outtakes from his USA Today photo shoot to promote "New Moon."

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Taylor Lautner Pictures: The Jay Leno Show

Taylor Lautner pictures from his Jay Leno Show appearance on November 16 have been added to the gallery. You can also watch Taylor's entire episode on Leno here.

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Taylor Lautner 15 a 20 Magazine Scans

15 a 20 magazine features Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart's visit to Mexico during their "New Moon" world promotional tour.

Twilight Poison translated some interesting tidbits for us:

  • Taylor and Kristen arrived in Mexico city on November 2nd. It was well over 5:00 AM.
  • They were in Mexico for a couple of days, as far as we know, but they seemed to have a good time. Hopefully they’ll come back soon!
  • The first day after their meet and greet with fans, they seemed to be dressed to match: Taylor was wearing a black pair of pants, white shirt, black tie. Kristen was wearing black shoes, white pants and black top.
  • The day we spoke with them we noticed Kristen was wearing three watches! Two in one hand, one in the other.
  • Kristen was in very good spirits, great mood and no bored attitude.
  • Taylor was more reserved because he wasn’t feeling well (sore throat).
  • He was accompanied by his dad, because he’s still a minor, and when he passed by the fans none of them shouted “father-in-law!” (in Mexico, some un-funny people shout things like that to the father/mother of someone whos good-looking, like “suegra/suegro!”. Yeah…)

Full-size magazine scans in the gallery.

Thanks, Twilight Poison! Check out Rob's interview translation and scans at twilightpoison.com.

Taylor Lautner's Shirtless Wardrobe in "New Moon"

If you have seen "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" in theaters, you will notice that Taylor Lautner is shirtless during most of the movie. Even though his wardrobe consists mainly of cut-off denim shorts and sneakers, his outfits were carefully planned. "New Moon" costume designer Tish Monaghan gives Entertainment Weekly the deets on styling Taylor and the wolf pack.

Did you or did you not pay special attention to where the sleeves of Jacob’s T-shirts fell on his biceps? Because job well done.

Absolutely. Everything was geared towards making sure that his arm muscles really showed. There’s a scene where he’s working on a motorcycle, and his muscles are really pulling against this plaid shirt he’s wearing. He looks very strong and very built, and we tried to do the same with this T-shirts. There was no way since it was the same actor that we could show somebody that had grown like six inches. So it was Chris Weitz’s genius idea to tailor his clothes, to make the sleeves a little bit shorter, a little bit tighter — make it look as if he’d grown out of his clothes in a couple of months and hadn’t had time to go get new ones. We found T-shirt brands that fit him well with hardly any adjustments and just stuck with those in earth tones — The Gap, Banana Republic, American Apparel, Levi’s. We tried more expensive T-shirts, but he looked too pretty.Read more

SM Jacob NM Still Woods
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